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How can you enjoy or appreciate a complex city like Rome by solely touring around museums and monuments? Food is always an essential part of a society and without a good idea of the way a nation eats you can't possibly get an insight into its character. Thus an initiative was formed to bring back to our times the dishes of the ancient Roman civilisation.

This initiative is a result of the cooperation between the German travel agency albaTours and Nestore, the proprietor of this restaurant. Thus the two main authorities on Roman cooking were thoroughly studied, the famous cook Apicius and Cato the Censor. A main problem when preparing a course of meals was the fact that quite a few herbs and spices have been lost in the course of 2000 years.

So alternatives had to be found and it took months of experimenting with the recipes. We would only be too glad to hear your opinion on the result and we wish you - with that old roman saying:

VOBIS SIT BENE - or "it may do you a lot of good"!

You can download the ancient roman meal here as a .pdf file 728kb: ancient roman meal

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